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About the Project

The Asian American Studies Online Bibliography Project is comprised of bibliographies created by students enrolled in Dr. Jane Dusselier's Asian American Studies courses at the University of Maryland, College Park. Arranged chronologically according to semester and course, the bibliographies conform to MLA citation guidelines. Clicking on bibliographies at the right of the screen brings users to a list of classes that in turn leads to student names and topics of each bibliography. Some bibliographies are presented in web site form and were created as final projects for students enrolled in Asian American Material Cultures and Asian American Foodways. Many of the bibliographies and annotations were edited by a project team comprised of University of Maryland undergraduates Jennifer Ordelt, Kevin Jung, Laurie Au, Hanh Nguyen, and Kieu Diem Duong. Kevin Jung designed the website and is the wizard of all things computer. Jennifer Ordelt acted as content manager. Jane Dusselier and Tobie Matava directed the entire project. Funded by grants from Undergraduate Studies and the Asian American Studies Program, the mission of this project is to encourage research in the field of Asian American studies and stimulate excellence in undergraduate scholarship. With these bibliographies easily accessible through the internet, we hope to make sources on Asian America more visible to a wide audience. Enjoy!

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