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Asian American Sexualities Course Description

Grounded in an interdisciplinary approach, this course investigates Asian American Sexualities from multiple conceptual and methodological angles. We will explore sexuality in the contexts of immigration, gendered and racialized constructions, reproduction, desire, and resistance. By reading and discussing memoirs, film, and fiction, as well as other interdisciplinary scholarship, class members will actively investigate the connections between sexual identities, privilege, resistance, and marginalization. Paying close attention to historical, cultural, political, and social constructions of sexual knowledge, the central purpose of this course is to broadly examine the multiple meanings of sexuality to Asian Americans, a diverse group defined by limitless differences.
--Jane Dusselier


  1. Asian American Adoptees, Allison Chan
  2. Asian American Athletes, Hsueh-Jen Hsu
  3. Asian American Beauty Pageants, Gemini Aurillo
  4. Asian American Cosmetic Surgery, Renee Ferguson
  5. Asian American Sexuality in Contemporary Films, Mark Pak
  6. Asian Americans & Pornography, Jamie K. Lok
  7. Asian and Asian American Feminism, Julie Jordan
  8. Asian Eyes: The Westernization of Beauty, Melissa Bridgers
  9. Asian Male Stereotypes in Film, Aaron Cho
  10. The Black & Whiteness of Asian American Female Sexuality in the Mass Media, Silvy Song
  11. Chinese American Identity: Individual Injustice Tied to Past Societal Discrimination, David Gonzales
  12. Mail Order Brides, Rosa Park
  13. Oppression of Asian American Male Sexuality in America, Jonathan Lew
  14. Perceptions of LGBT Asian Americans, Min Jung Kim
  15. Picture Brides: Dream & Reality of Japanese American Women, Mariko Ishijima
  16. Queer Asians in America, Catherine Kim
  17. Queer Asians in Films, Rachel E. Sharlin
  18. Reconstructing Cosmetic Surgery & Sexuality within the Asian and Asian American Communities, Rosanna Baek
  19. Sexual Masquerade: A Glance into the Asian Phenomenon of Cosplay, Billy Luc
  20. Trafficking of Asian American Women, James Um
  21. The Visibility of Queer South Asian Americans, Thomas Gomes
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