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Advanced Topics: Asian American Sexualities Course Description

Grounded in interdisciplinarity, this course investigates Asian American Sexualities from multiple conceptual and methodological angles. We will explore sexuality in the contexts of immigration, gendered and racialized constructions, reproduction, desire, and resistance. By reading and discussing memoirs, film, and fiction, as well as other forms of interdisciplinary scholarship, class members will actively investigate the connections between sexual identities, privilege, resistance, and marginalization. Paying close attention to historical, cultural, political, and social constructions of sexual knowledge, the central purpose of this course is to broadly examine the multiple meanings of sexuality to Asian Americans, a diverse group defined by limitless differences. Among the questions we will be exploring include: How do we define sexuality in the context of Asian America? What is the relationship between race and sexuality? How are sexualities socially and culturally constructed? Where do we see heteronormativity and racism working together? My hope is that you add other questions as the semester progresses.
--Jane Dusselier


  1. Abuse within Asian American Cultures, Jillian Porter
  2. Arranged Marriages and South Asian American Sexualities, Angela Kim
  3. Asian American Professional Athletes, Eli Choi
  4. Asian American Sex Workers, Brittany Valentine
  5. Asian American Transsexuals, Angel Hamilton
  6. Asian Americans and Interracial Relationships, Tara Dittamo
  7. Asian Comfort Women, Lindsay Diokno
  8. A Comparative Investigation of Ancient and Modern Homosexuality Concepts in East Asia, Alba I. de Garate
  9. Cultural and Parental Influences on Asian American Sexuality, Amy Kim
  10. Domestic Violence against Asian American Women, Judeline Altema
  11. Human Trafficking and Asian Americans, Nick Kong
  12. Linguistic Understandings of Asian American Sexualities, Natalie Phang
  13. Mail-Order Brides, Christine Perez
  14. Sexualities in Hawaii, Giannina Miranda
  15. Sexuality in Asian American Art, Timothy Thompson
  16. South Asian Arranged Marriages & Sexual Identity, Min Ju Kil
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