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Typical mooncake containing a yolk representing the moon.
Mooncakes come in a variety of colorfully decorated boxes such as this one.
Starbucks introduces its own special mooncake concoction.
Gelare presents a unique square ice cream mooncake.
Haagan daz also takes the initiative to create its own ice cream mooncake, which has become very successful.
Some new mooncakes have totally lost its original mooncake shape and ingredients and have taken on the shapes of characters. Modern cakes such as these are chocolate and look almost like an ice cream sandwich.
These are examples of the molds used to create mooncakes.
Using molds like those in the previous picture, bakers are able to create a diverse variety of mooncakes ranging in size, color, shape, and flavor.
Besides the concept of a mooncake, this modern jelly mooncake breaks away from all traditional ingredients.
Some companies thought outside the box and created this pig-like mooncake.