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Asian American Foodways Course Description

This course will explore the many meanings and functions of food for Asian Americans. We will ask how food shapes identities and how food is employed to express power. Topically, we will structure our readings around pho, food protests in Japanese American concentration camps, world hunger, and food workers. Theoretically we will apply the ideas of transnationalism, identity formation, subjectivity, and feminisms to our readings. We will also explore culinary tourism, thinking about how food is appropriated and assumes assimilationist trajectories. Many of our readings and discussions will focus on how individual authors and communities define their national, racial, and gendered identities in culinary contexts.
--Jane Dusselier


  1. American Sushi, Carolyn Briggs
  2. Asian American Culinary Gardens, Heather Claycomb
  3. Bubble Tea, Rosanna Baek
  4. Chopsticks: When East Meets West, Gemini Aurillo
  5. Cooking Rice and Asian Americans, Steven Lim
  6. The Cultural Impact of Asian American Foodways, Richard Ting
  7. Dim-Sum, Peter Lin
  8. Instant Noodles, Fiya Lee
  9. Hmong American Cuisine, Christopher Robertson
  10. Japanese and American Restaurant Presentation and Garnish, Jennifer Himmelstein
  11. Kimchi, Aaron Cho
  12. McDonald's in Asia, LeQuyen Tran
  13. Moon Cakes, Julia Huang
  14. Moon Cakes, Lynn Khuu
  15. Oodles of Noodles, Loan Vo
  16. Portrayal of Asian Cuisine in American Media, Jee Eun Park
  17. Ramen, Silvy Song
  18. South Asian American Spices, Advait Nagarkar
  19. Tea, Kevin Jung
  20. The Wok, Michael Wasser
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