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Growing Up Asian American Course Description

Growing Up Asian American will pay special attention to themes currently resonating with college age students including sports, body image, adoption, sexuality, and hip hop culture. Together we will investigate Asian American youth cultures by reading scholarly essays, novels, films, and memoirs in the contexts of immigration, transnationalism, and racialization. We will ask how these conditions offer both opportunities and constraints for Asian American youth. The central focus of this course will be to bring together a diverse range of experiences around a broad theme while incorporating heterogeneity as a central component of growing up Asian American. Our central questions include: How do Asian American youth create and practice cultures distinctly their own? How have Asian American youth shaped American culture as a whole. What place have Asian American youth played in changing America? What kind of world do Asian American youth cultures propose for the future. Please feel free to add and share your own questions as the semester progresses.
--Jane Dusselier


  1. Asian American as "Model Minority" and the Education System, Sheng Wu
  2. Asian American Gangs, Peter Choi
  3. The Asian American Parents: Molding of the Model Minority, Kelly Dizon
  4. Asian Americans and Beauty Standards, Hanh Nguyen
  5. Asian Americans and Their Portrayal in American Cinema, Emmanuel Garcia
  6. Asian Americans' Involvement in Spoken Word, Simone Jacobson
  7. Asian American Youth and the Import Car Culture, DongYoul Parady
  8. The Emasculation of Asian American Males: An Annotated Bibliography, Chris Der
  9. Model Minority Myth and How it Affects Youth Culture, Jung Won Yun
  10. Non-Traditional Beauty: What Does It Mean for Asian Americans Who Do Not Fit The Norm?, Jean Chung
  11. One Size Fits All Asian Americans, Dalin Op
  12. Vietnamese Refugees in America, Kieu-Diem Duong
  13. You're Invited to an Indian American Wedding, Kusha Desai
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